Comendador, María


doc. 1912


María Comendador was a Spanish actress and scriptwriter.

Comendador, María

 Comendador was a Spanish actress and scriptwriter.

Known primarily for her work as a film actress during the 1920’s, little is known of the life of María Comendador, who previously achieved a degree of fame as a theatrical actress, as is proven by the front page of the magazine Nuevo Mundo (1921). Regarding her achievements as a scriptwriter, we can only be sure of her participation as writer in the development of the plots of Expiación (Atonement) (1919), La venganza del marino (Revenge of the Seaman) (1920) and Víctima del odio (Victim of Hate) (1921): three feature films directed by José Buchs.

MAE, Óscar Palomares Navarro, 2020



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